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If you think you can prepare your tax, you must be kidding. It may be a time-saver but could cost you dear, which can be avoided with Internal Accounting Services’ help. You ask, why would you need our help? Because doing it on your own could lead to an IRS Audit. Therefore, please do not take risks with your hard-earned money and entrust this responsibility to our professionally qualified team.

As we perform tax filings, we capitalize on each incentive, deduction and break available to ensure your tax return’s accurate preparation.

Tax Preparation
Tax Preparation
  • Income tax returns for individuals
  • Expatriate tax preparation and FBAR filing
  • Quicker tax refunds with E-file
  • Business tax preparation including corporate and LLC
  • Multi-state tax filings for businesses
  • Form 990 tax return preparation for nonprofits
  • Trust and estate tax returns

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